Doyle Consultants provides professional engineering consultation services in the forensic investigation and evaluation of the causes, mitigation, and appropriate repair of property damage in the fields of civil, structural and geotechnical engineering. Based in Los Angeles, the firm’s geographic service coverage area includes all of California. Assignments have also been completed in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. The firm’s clients include insurance companies, developers, home builders, property owners, homeowner associations, attorneys, and public sector entities.

The firm’s licensed engineers have extensive experience in the forensic investigation, diagnosis and repair of distress to residential and commercial structures and appurtenances related to improper design and/or construction, ground movement, earthquakes, ground water, drainage, seepage, pipe and building envelope leakage, tree root interference, storm and wind loading, shrinkage and ageing of construction materials, wood rot, decay, corrosion, and termite infestation. The firm has extensive experience in the performance of post-earthquake damage assessments.

Other services performed include the forensic investigation of distress to concrete slabs-on-ground and concrete foundations related to ground movement, earthquakes, improper design and/or construction, shrinkage, edge lift and curling, reactive aggregate, sulphate attack, and physical salt attack; including consequential damage to flooring systems installed on concrete slabs-on-ground resulting from these influences and/or from excessive slab moisture vapor emission, or improper installation.